5 Best Apps to Find Christian Bikers

BikerKiss App

BikerKiss is one of the most popular dating application which is designed and developed for those who are looking for biker women and biker men for dating. BikerKiss was first launched as an online dating website where thousands of bikers got registered in very short time. Later the company has launched their mobile application for iOS and Android users which got more popularity than their bikers dating website. This application has the biggest database of registered bikers who are looking for date. You can found Christian bikers not only in your town through BikerKiss application but also in other cities, countries and region. The application is free to download and use, and it comes with so many premium features for free.

BikerOrNot App(for Android)

There are more than 500,000 bikers are registered on BikerOrNot application. It makes it one of the most biggest bikers dating website where you can found single bikers for any religion, race and country. Most of these singles are Christians. So, get yourself registered with BikerOrNot and find Christian bikers by using their advance search options. Although it is not just a dating application to send wink or flirt with other members. You can use BikerOrNot as biker’s social networking website too to get interact with other bikers in your town on the bases of same interest and liking. BikerOrNot allow you to share photos, videos and send direct messages to other members.

Slide App

Christian Slide is the #1 Christian dating application which is only available for iOS users at the moment. Its Android version is about to launch in few weeks. This dating application is different from other typical dating application. It shows you the singles which are nearby you on the bases of your location and interest. You can swipe and found the desired person for dating. There are hundreds of biker women and biker men are listed there too and you can easily found them by using advance search option. Slide is a free application and it does not required you to pay to enjoy their premium options.


CROSSPATHS is a free dating mobile application which has been designed and developed for those Christian singles who are looking for another Christian follower for date. It is available for both Android and iOS users. I know that this is not really a bikers related dating application but still I have added this in my list because you can find thousands of Christians in this dating application. You can filter bikers on the bases of interest and hobbies of members. Unlike other dating application, CROSSPATHS show you result only on the bases of your interest. So, if you add biking your interest then you will see the list of active members with same interest. You can send them direct message and chat with them without upgrading your account.

ChristianMingle App

ChristianMingle is available for both iOS and Android users. It is not really a biker only dating application but you will found them here by using their advance search option. This dating application is specially created for Christians who are interested to date with other Christians. All members on ChristianMingle application are Christians and many of them are biker. You can find a Christian biker through ChristianMingle by searching them on search engine filter called interest. Simply filter those singles on this dating application who has shown their interest in biking. It is a free dating application which allow you premium options like chatting with other members, send them direct messages, view their profiles including their private and public photos etc.

Important Tips for Online Christian Biker Dating

While everybody knows that motorcycles are as popular and cool as eve, it’s a big world of Christian bikers searching for love. Christian biker dating is not always a good experience even if everybody knows there’s a woman or man alive that does not want to be with a biker babe or bad body.

If you are a beginner to the world of Christian biker dating, there are some important tips that you should be aware of. Regardless of what you’re looking, following these tips will give you nothing but results:

  • Make a Statement with Your Dating ProfileOne of the very first things you should do is to create your profile. Your Christian biker dating profile is what others will see about you. When creating your own profile, you’ll be obliged to fill several thing regarding your dislikes and likes, but also your dating preferences, personal interests, and some details. Your profile does not have to be a novel even it can be. The most vital thing is that regardless of what you put in your profile, you must be honest in representing yourself, including the profile picture. A lot of people pick a photo of themselves younger than they are currently and it’s fine. Just ensure that your chosen profile photo is your own picture.

    You have to take note several things about your profile. First, you have to be honest, yet it doesn’t mean that you should put everything about you including some private details. Information about where you work, live, and finances aren’t actually needed in establishing your own biker dating profile. Once everything is set, the second thing that you should do is to never be afraid in putting yourself out there as successful dating needs a bit of courage when taking some risks. Otherwise, you won’t be able to fine the person you are looking.

  • Read the Terms of Service AgreementsLike almost anything online at present, see to it that you know your obligations and aware of the rules on the site. Violation of the rules in a website will get your profile banned or suspended. Therefore, play it safe through understanding what’s expected from you as a user.
  • Know What You Are Looking forIn terms of Christian biker dating, you should know what you really want. Do you want a serious relationship or are you interested in casual dating? Regardless of your goals in Christian biker dating, it is always important to determine what you’re searching for as this can make a difference.

When getting started with Christian biker dating online, you should also pay important in searching for reliable and reputable Christian dating sites for biker singles. The reason behind it is that not all websites will give you satisfaction and some might not provide you the convenience you deserve. So, better shop around first before you decide to register or sign up and make your biker dating profile because a good dating website can offer you results.

How to date a Christian biker?

Riding a bike is something unconventional and something that a lot of Americans dislike. However, there is a section of people who seek adventure and get the most of everything they get into. Christians, who form over 70 percent of the American population, prefer to date a person of the same cultural background. However, finding a Christian who has a passion for motorcycles is something very rare.

In order to solve this issue, the concept of ‘Christian Biker Dating’ came into existence. Specialist dating sites for single Christian bikers came into inception that gave them a platform to connect with like – minded people, without having to worry about any conflict of interests. While you may also explore the option of heading to biker clubs and finding a perfect match, your chances of connecting with someone really amazing are extremely bleak.

Here is how a Christian biker dating site can help you find true love:

  1. Joining a biker dating website: It ought to start from somewhere. Joining a dating site isn’t just restricted to signing up or the registration process. It also requires you to make a striking profile and uploading some amazing pictures that would grab of other users. Make sure you abstain from using vague information that could distract the reader. Besides, it is always a great idea to leave something to be desired for, which would make the other person get in touch with you via the private messaging options available onboard.
  2. Communicate your sexual intentions with your partner: If you feel things are going on well, it would be a good idea to convey your sexual intentions with him. Assuming all men are wired for sex is absolutely wrong and this is certainly not the case with Christian men. It is worth mentioning that a majority of men want a long term relationship that is bound with love and trust, with a woman who values his ethics.
  3. Try actively participating in his Church work: Regardless of whether or not you’re a Christian, he wouldn’t force you to help him in his Church work. However, helping him with volunteering or service would give you the opportunity to stay close to him and spend some extra time together, which is certainly good for the relationship to progress. Also, let him know what you feel about religion and the Church. As a matter of fact, no Christian men would break up with a woman who shows less interest in religion or Church works.

Although you do share a common interest for motorcycle riding, your culture and beliefs would play a significant role in the progress of the relationship. Therefore, it wouldn’t be wrong to get things sorted out before you take the relationship to the next stage.